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EGG W STAND PAILLETTES - 1 by Roller Rabbit


Regular Price: $15.00

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Easter, Pascua, Pâques - no matter the language used to describe it, this holiday heralds the ushering in of the season of rebirth and renewal -- the melodies of songbirds greet you in the morning while rain and sun coaxes blooming flowers from mere buds.

Each of our easter eggs is hand-crafted in Rajasthan by expert artisans using a technique akin to the western process of papier-mâche, except our binding agent is rice paste. No less than fifteen steps go into making these eggs--from moulding to carefully applying the final touches of the colored print. At no point are anything but hand-wielded tools used. From start to finish each egg takes over a month of labor to make.

  • Dimensions: Small (4"), Medium (6")
  • Imported.
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    us size0-24-68-1012-1416-18
    natural waist24-2627-2829-3031-3335-37
    low hip34-3637-3839-4041-4345-47

    *all measurements are given in inches

    There are two body measurements vital to Woman's sizing for Dresses, Tunics, Kurtas:  Bust and Low Hip .

    Although correct measurements are not difficult to obtain, getting them right is sometimes challenging. Here‘s what we recommend:

    Try and stand up as straight as possible, use a tape measure, keep the tape comfortable (don't pull too tightly) and parallel to the floor. Take each measurement a couple of times, just to be sure.

    Please note that our garments have a relaxed and liberal fit. We suggest buying down a size. 



    Stand with good posture and measure around the fullest part of your bust (arms down). Keep tape level across shoulder blades.

    Low Hip

    Stand with heels together and measure around the fullest part of your hips.

    Natural Waist

    So where is my “natural waist” you ask?

    It’s not necessarily where your belly button is, or where your pants or jeans sit because they are all over the place, right! Thankfully our “natural waist” doesn’t change with fashion trends, it only sometimes is harder to find than it used to be.

    While standing, make an L-shaped hand and slide down your side to your hip starting at the ribcage all while slowly bending sideways at your waist. The hook of your thumb and forefinger (“L”) will find and fit into your “natural waist”. Your waist measurement is not critical for dresses and tunics, but if you would like, measure around your newly found “natural waist”.