Roller Rabbit Blue Jemina Weekender, Pink Hearts Backpack and Jemina Blue Charm Tote

Travel Collection

Getaway in style

Introducing the latest collection for all your jet-setting needs. Featuring give products that are essential for anyone on-the-go, you'll be secretly looking for any excuse to use them. So, pack your bags and get ready to hit the road!

Blue Jemina Weekender Bag

The Quilted Weekender

Perfect for a long weekend away or a trip to the gym, our Weekender bag can comfortably accommodate all your travelling needs without becoming too heavy to weigh you down.

Pink Hearts Quilted Backpack

The Quilted Backpack

Whether you are going back to school, travelling, or just commuting to the office, these chic backpacks will be the talk of the town while keeping all your personal items organized.

Roller Rabbit Blue Jemina Charm Tote

The Charm Tote

Meet your newest obsession, the Jemina Charm Tote. Perfect for any last-minute errands- this reusable tote will easily fold and fit into your backpack or purse for quick access and light weight storage.

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