Infant and Kids Subscription

Grow With Roller Rabbit

Introducing Roller Rabbit's first-ever subscription box. Designed for infants and kids, they can now love and live in their favorite PJs without the worry of growing out of them. Treat your little one to a PJ of their dreams every 3 months. Cozy cotton, playful prints, and freshly fitted, the kiddos will love this.

How does it all work? We've got it covered! Follow the steps below and get started right away. Have more questions? You can always check out our FAQ page for more information!

Step 1:

Select Subscription

Choose your subscription: Infant Footie Subscription or Kids Pajama Subscription!

Step 2:

Select Gender and Size

It's time to select your gender and size! We'll choose a pair of PJs in a surprise print to match your mini's mood!

Step 3:

Place Your Order

Follow the proper checkout steps and place your subscription order. YAY, you set up your subscription!

Step 4:

Order Ships

Your first subscription order ships immediately. Good things coming your way!

Step 5:

Auto Renew

Your next shipment will automatically ship 3 months from your first order. The sizing of your PJs will increase based on our internal cadence. You'll be notified before your next pair ships. You can always change your gender and size at any time!