The Originals

Want to know more about the cult classic prints you can't get enough of? See how The Original prints came to be and why they'll always be a part of our Roller Rabbit family!



Our beloved Hearts print featuring
a repeating heart motif is a hallmark of Roller Rabbit embodying love and warmth. We’re always looking to create clothing and products that make us dream and free us to cherish every moment with our loved ones - this pattern does just that!

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Our fan-favorite dancing Monkey print was inspired by a book found by one of our block-printers' children. It’s one of the first patterns created for Roller Rabbit and is now a staple in our collection! The playfulness of the pattern sings Roller Rabbit and is sure to bring a smile to your face.

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Born in Jaipur, the Amanda print embodies classic comfort and elegance. Our intricately crafted Amanda print is a true block-print - combining 20 separate blocks to create its floral design. It is one of our first and most defining patterns. 

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The idea for our beautiful Jemina print came from a textile swatch found by chance. This nearly-discarded fabric was reinvented with a more modern twist, and Jemina was born. This pattern was crafted out of a desire for an abstract, tiled print, reminiscent of the intricate architectural ornamentations seen throughout India. The elegant pattern remains timeless with a fun and vibrant twist. 

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Our charming Hathi the Elephant was
inspired by block-prints seen throughout Jaipur featuring renderings of different elephants.  Hathi is Roller Rabbit’s own homage to this widely popular cultural symbol signifying strength, power, and wisdom.

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Featuring our playful whale motif
and palm trees, Moby the Whale speaks to adventure, the outdoors, and a summer spirit. Moby has joined the Roller Rabbit collection in many different forms – from the classic print to new iterations perfect for holiday barbecues, Moby likes to add some fun!

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Big Cata

Our stunning Big Cata pattern was
dreamt up by one of our artisans, Catalina. One of the first patterns to become part of the family, Big Cata is a simple, yet sophisticated block print style exclusively printed by hand.

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