The Icons

Curious what each of our icons mean and why we have them? We've created a group of various icons to let you know about our bestsellers, popular fabrics, exclusive styles and more!


Sustainable Materials

You can feel good about your purchase knowing we've sourced sustainable materials to create these special pieces. From upcycling our old fabrics, to using organic cotton to create our iconic makeup bags, this icon will indicate styles designed with sustainability in mind.


Hand-Painted Print

We express happiness this through print, pattern and palettes that make us smile. This icon indicates prints and patterns that are happily hand-painted in our NYC design studio!


Our Classic Original Prints

Hathi, Moby, Monkey, Hearts, Jemina, Amanda and Big Cata are the cult-classic patterns you can't get enough of. You'll find these patterns on pajamas, kurtas, bedding, accessories and more.  

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Exclusive Style

This icon indicates special peices that are only available on! You won't be able to find these in store so scoop them up while you can.

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Flagged as a fan-favorite style that you need to scoop up! You'll find this icon on products like our Pippa Dresses and Polo Sets.

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Classic Style

There are just some classic Roller Rabbit styles that have been a part of the brand since the start and will be forever staples. If you haven't tried our Serafina Tunic or Long Kurta, you're in for a treat!

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A Roller Rabbit Collaboration

This icon indicates pieces that have be designed as part of our limited-edition collaboration with X brand. We love partnering with other brands to bring new and exclusive product to you.

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60's Cambric Cotton

A lightweight fabric crafted out of woven cotton. This easy-to-wear fabric translates beautifully on everything from loungewear to the chicest dresses.

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Classic Premium Cotton

These PJs are made in our fan-favorite, super soft and breathable long stable thread cotton. Soft to the touch and easy to wear year round without getting too warm when you sleep.

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Washable Silk

This icon indicates pieces designed in 100% silk that can be washed at home! 100% Silk, 100% Washable.

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Did you know you can add a special touch to your favorite products with your initials, a special phrase or fan-favorite motif? This icon indicates pieces that you can monogram and make your own.

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